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What is an FHA Loan?

An FHA loan is a mortgage loan fully insured through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and issued by FHA-approved lenders.

• An FHA loan is the easiest way to qualify for home buying AND refinancing.

• First Liberty is an approved FHA lender and our clients love the low fixed rates and security of a government-insured loan. Our mortgage application and processing uses exclusive technology that cuts the headaches out of getting an FHA loan.

• You can refinance up to 97.75% of your home’s value. FHA cash-out refinance loans allow you to take out up to 85% of your home’s value.

• Refinance your FHA loan and get a lower mortgage rate and payment with an FHA Streamline – even if you owe more on your home than it’s worth.

• Buying a home? Your down payment can be as low as 3.5% of the price of the home. * First-time home buyers can get the First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit up to $8,000! Other home buyers may get up to $6,500. Find out if you qualify.

• FHA also allows seller concessions up to 6% of your home purchase price.

• Need a lower payment? Ask our Home Loan Expert!

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